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Vierti Dimmer

Base Price $132.98

Vierti Dimmer

Lutron Vierti performs like no other lighting control. The perfect light level can be set with a single touch or slide of a finger.


Vierti Accessory Dimmers

Vierti Switches

Vierti Accessory Switches

Vierti Wallplates

  • Single touch lighting control
  • Available with Blue, Green, or White LEDs
  • Touch anywhere along the LEDs to set the light level
  • On/Off status indicator allows for easy location in the dark
  • When off, LEDs show preset light level
  • Audible feedback confirms the user's touch
  • Companion dimmers provide full range dimming from up to 4 additional locations
  • Full-featured multi-location dimming - change the light level from any location in the circuit
  • Power-failure memory - lights always return to the previous state when power is restored
  • Single gang wallplate included

Click here for an interactive demo.

Please select appropriate Lutron Vierti dimmer options below.

Single Pole Multi-Location
Single pole dimmers provide control from one location.

Use in hallways, stairs, or rooms that have a light fixture with two or more switches. You can dim and switch from every location (*up to 10)

LED Color Options
Blue LED Green LED White LED
Incandescent/Magnetic Low Volt Electronic Low Volt
  Uses a standard line voltage light bulb or a magnetic transformer to convert line voltage to low voltage.   Lighting that uses an electronic transformer to convert line voltage to low voltage.
600W Max Capacity 1000W Max Capacity    
MATTE FINISHES              
White Beige Ivory Almond
Light Almond Gray Taupe Sienna
Brown Black            


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