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Lutron Ultrasonic Ceiling Mount Sensor

Lutron Ultrasonic Ceiling Mount Sensor

Item No. LOS-CUS

The LOS-CUS Series ceiling-mount ultrasonic sensors can integrate into Lutron systems or function as stand-alone controls using a Lutron power pack. Any movement within the sensor’s range causes a shift in the original emitted frequency. The sensor’s receiver identifies any change in frequency as motion and either turns the lights on or maintains lights on.

  • Intelligent, continually adapting ultrasonic sensor
  • Snap-locks to ceiling-mounted cover plate
  • Excellent minor motion sensitivity
  • Non-Volatile Memory: settings saved in protected memory are not lost during power outages
  • 500 to 2000 sq.ft. coverage when mounted on an 8 - 12 ft. ceiling
  • Affords choice of turning lights off or dimming to a preset
    level in the unoccupied state when integrated with a Lutron system.
Item No. LOS-CUS-500 $91.73 QTY
Item No. LOS-CUS-1000 $104.76 QTY
Item No. LOS-CUS-2000 $120.96 QTY


Item No. PP-120H
120 V, 60 Hz Power Pack

$33.41 QTY
Item No. PP-230H
230 V, 50/60 Hz Power Pack
$36.72 QTY
Item No. PP-277H
277 V, 60 Hz Power Pack
$33.55 QTY
Item No. PP-347H
347 V, 60 Hz Power Pack
$36.72 QTY
Item No. PP-120H
Auxiliary Power Pack
$28.01 QTY




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