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Lutron Maestro IR dimmer

Base Price $31.73 (Dimmer Only)

Lutron Maestro IR Dimmers

Smart Dimmer with Remote Control.

  • Adjust your lights from anywhere in the room - up to 30 feet*
  • Silver button recalls your favorite light level
  • Compatible with most learning remote controls
  • LEDs glow softly in the dark for easy dimmer location and show preset light level when product is off
  • Customizable delayed fade to off ranging from 10-60 seconds lets you leave the room before lights go out
  • Full range dimming possible from up to ten locations
  • Multi-location dimming compatible with 3-way wiring for easy installation and retrofit
  • Power failure memory - it remembers your settings even after a power interruption
  • Superior suppression of interference with radio and TV

    *range may vary due to local conditions

  • Gloss Finish:
    White Ivory Almond Light Almond
    Grey Brown Black    

  • **NEW** Now available in Satin Finish.
    Click here
    to purchase Satin Finish Lutron Maestro IR dimmers.

  • Snow Biscuit Eggshell Taupe
    Midnight Desert Stone Sea Glass Limestone
    Stone Terracotta Hot Sienna
    Merlot Greenbriar Bluestone Turquoise
    Plum Mocha Goldstone Palladium

Lutron Maestro IR Dimmers & Accessories

Maestro single location dimming pack

Item No. MIR-600THW
Single-Location Dimming Package
Includes incandescent 600W single-location smart dimmer w/IR receiver & remote control

$40.43 QTY
Maestro multi-location dimming pack Item No. MIR-603THW
Multi-Location Dimming Package
Includes incandescent 600W multi-location smart dimmer w/IR receiver, remote control & accessory dimmer
$59.00 QTY
Maestro Dimmer DIMMERS    

Please Note: Wallplate and remote control not included.
** Now available in Satin Finish


Item No. MIR-600
600W Single-Location

$31.73 QTY
Item No. MIR-1000
1000 W Single-Location
$69.19 QTY
Item No. MIR-600M
600W Multi-Location
$36.11 QTY
Item No. MIR-1000M
1000W Multi-Location   
$73.58 QTY

Magnetic Low Voltage
Item No. MIRLV-600
600W Single-Location
$67.84 QTY
Item No. MIRLV-1000
1000W Single-Location   
$90.79 QTY
Item No. MIRLV-600M
600W Multi-Location
$72.23 QTY
Item No. MIRLV-1000M
600W Multi-Location
$95.18 QTY
Maestro Accessory Dimmer ACCESSORY DIMMER      

Item No. MA-R
Maestro Accessory Dimmer
For multi-location dimming, use up to nine Lutron Maestro accessory dimmers with one Lutron Maestro IR multi-location Smart Dimmer. Wallplate not included.

$18.50 QTY
Maestro IR Transmitter IR TRANSMITTER      
Remote Control
IR transmitter w/silver one touch button
$13.50 QTY





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