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Dimming flourescents saves energy

Fluorescent lighting uses much less power than incandescent lighting. In a typical installation, a 32-watt compact fluorescent lamp provides approximately the same light output as a 100-watt incandescent lamp. As both sources are dimmed, fluorescent lamps continue to be a more energy efficient light source.

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Superior Components
Lutron ballasts are manufactured to the highest level of quality, using carefully selected components. Maximum ballast lifetime is achieived by using only long-life components with significant performance history. In many cases, Lutron works with component suppliers to design custom parts in order to improve overall ballast quality.

100% Test
Lutron tests the performance of every ballast prior to shipment. This important step eliminates ballasts that do not meet specifications.

100% Burn-in
Lutron "burns in" every ballast prior to shipment. Defects due to faulty components are screened out in this process, resulting in a dramatic reduction of early failures in the field.

Extending ballast lifetime
All electronic ballasts use components with a finite lifetime. The determining factor for ballast lifetime is operating temperature. Lutron dimming ballasts are designed to maximize ballast lifetime.

You have an opportunity to extend the lifetime of the ballast even further by designing or choosing fixtures that operate the ballast at a lower temperature. For every 10°C reduction in ballast case temperature, the ballast lifetime will be doubled.


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